All About the Health Benefits of Blueberries

One of the most important compounds in blueberries that contributes to their nutritional power is a type of flavonoid. These flavonoids are called anthocyanins and they are also present in other berries like cranberries, and in other richly-colored foods like eggplants and red cabbage. In fact, this compound is the reason these foods are so rich in blue and purple color. And they not only affect the color, but they make blueberries and other fruits healthy, too.

Eating any kind of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis has been linked to better health, but blueberries are particularly beneficial for a number of reasons. The health benefits of blueberries include decreasing the risk of heart disease, helping to protect against diabetes, lowering weight, and increasing energy. These other specific health benefits are also linked to this powerful little fruit.

1) Blueberries for Better Bones

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